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Environmental Health Offices

Back in Sheffield, this set of buildings had been used as environmental health offices. The main building was missing the bulk of its side wall, giving it a unique inside / outside feel.

DSC_0098 DSC_0099

DSC_0074  DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0108 DSC_0113 DSC_0116 DSC_0120 DSC_0123 DSC_0132 DSC_0137 DSC_0139 DSC_0154 DSC_0160


Machinery Fac

On old machinery factory, closer to Sheffield than Leeds. Loved the old artefacts that remained here.2015-04-16 11.40.582015-04-16 11.35.53DSC_0014DSC_0009 DSC_0019  DSC_0035 DSC_0036   2015-04-16 11.28.08 2015-04-16 11.32.52 2015-04-16 11.35.30 DSC_00432015-04-16 11.22.08 2015-04-16 11.23.05 2015-04-16 11.30.15 2015-04-16 11.33.54


Not a fan of using flash generally, but this place was so dark inside it needed it. An old hotel, long past its best – slightly unnerved by noises inside, most likely resident pigeons, but we didn’t linger long enough to take many photos.

DSC_0280 DSC_0270 DSC_0269 DSC_0268DSC_0282 DSC_0267   DSC_0257 DSC_0252